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Q: Do you charge by the hour?

A: We charge a flat fee per event so we stay until the party is over and you don't have to worry about over time charges! There are some exceptions, for example, if your ceremony is in the morning and reception is in the evening we will have to charge extra for an all day event. The other exception is if you have an early afternoon wedding/reception and it's expected to end at say, 4:00pm, we will have to be strict with that time to allow us to get to an evening wedding that we may have booked that day as well.


Q: Can String and Sound learn songs just for my wedding?

A: Yes!


Q: Does String and Sound have any objections to performing at same-sex ceremonies/receptions?

A: We do not have any objections to this. We will be happy to be a part of your big day whether it's a traditional or same-sex wedding!


Q: Do you guys travel?

A: Yes! We love to travel and especially love being a part of destination weddings!


Q: Can my family member or friend come sing a song with you guys?

A: Yes they can! We may not have the time to practice with them until an hour or two before your wedding, so, as long as they come prepared this shouldn't be a problem.


Q: Do you come to rehearsal?

A: We can't commit to coming to rehearsals until about a week prior to your event. This is because we often get booked Fri-Sun and want to keep those dates available for other potential weddings. We arrive early enough to communicate with your event planner if needed, and of course our phone line is always open to you to further discuss any details. If we do find ourselves free for a rehearsal we do charge an additional fee.


Q: Does String and Sound have a list of songs to choose from?

A: Click HERE to look at a list of songs we've done recently. We are not limited to these songs, we learn new ones all the time!


Q: I noticed there are multiple musicians listed on your website, who's coming to my wedding or event?

A: String and Sound consist of elite teams of reliable, professional, friendly and quality musicians. Each team comes with a violinist and guitarist/dj/mc and share similar repertoires, at the same skill level.


Q: How do we get the deposit to you?

A: String and Sound does require a 50% deposit to hold your wedding date. We accept checks, credit cards (PayPal 3% fee) and cash. Once you decide to move forward with booking us we will send you a basic contract that states where to send the deposit to and who to make it out to.


Q: Can I meet in person with String and Sound prior to my wedding?

A: We certainly can! It's usually not necessary because the details can be discussed over the phone and email, but some folks feel more comfortable sitting in a coffee shop, face to face. In those cases we ask that you meet us either in Norman or Moore (close to our home office) so our time away from the office is limited.


Q: What time do you show up on the day of my wedding?

A: 1-2 hours early.


Q: Does String and Sound offer coordinating services?

A: Yes and No. We will take charge of your wedding and make sure everything goes as planned, make announcements and follow the time line order of the reception, we look at this as part of our job and responsibility. As far as wedding “planning” goes, we do not consider ourselves experts in the planning business so we do not offer that service.

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